Corporate Event Management Company

Corporate Event Management Company

Corporate Event Management Company

Welcome to the Best Corporate Event Management Company in Delhi

When it comes to arranging corporate events for your company SOS Travel House is amongst the best Corporate Event Management Companies in Delhi. With an experienced team of Event Planners, you will be surprised by the range of destinations and venues for planning your Conferences, Conventions, Concerts, Annual Days, Dealers Meet, Corporate Exhibitions, Award functions, Corporate celebrations, and Gala Dinner in India they would be able to assist you with. SOS Travel house has been in the business of Corporate Parties and organizing small and large events. Our Corporate Event Management boasts the best profile in its portfolio of diverse customers from Bank to Insurance, FMCG to Automobiles, IT to Pharmaceuticals, etc.

Corporate Event Management Company in Delhi

With the ongoing transformation from the unorganized sector to the organized sphere, the Event Management Teams are constantly striving to share ideas with HR teams to keep employees engaged and motivated through corporate events and theme activities that are both rewarding and rejuvenating. With its Pan India presence in events through a network of vendors for events, SOS Travel House can extend its event management services in Gurgaon, Delhi, Bangalore, Noida, Chennai, Mumbai, Goa, and nearby you.

Why Choose SOS Travel House as a Corporate Event Management Company?

As an Event Management company with 26 years of experience, we have managed various types of events including Dealer Meetings, Sales Incentives, Team Offsites, Annual Days, Team Building Events, Gala Dinner, Corporate Exhibitions, and Family Days. The experience of Event Planners helps in preparing a detailed plan that encapsulates the spirit, purpose, and budget of the event. SOS Travel House is a Corporate Company in Delhi and its event planning team is known for its eye for detail when it comes to organizing corporate events and parties. Today corporate event management forms a most important medium for companies for marketing, branding through exhibitions, and other corporate activities. 

The marketing team uses this to get a set number of its dealers, and sales team at a common venue and deliver its Marketing blitz effectively, thus conveying their message to a targeted audience together. They also use this medium for Market penetration, client acquisition, or product surveys. For corporate events are being used as a medium of employee engagement, Training, Reward nights, Team building, and skill-building workshops. We as an experienced Event Management company provide corporate event planning services across India, through its trusted vendor partner networks pan India.

Best Corporate Event Management Company in Delhi

Corporate Event Management Company: Single Window Solutions for Event Planning and Implementation

The great Event Ideas take months of planning by the user and their life can be made easy if one has on board a professional event planning and management team. Such professional teams if selected properly work as the backend support team that lends its expertise in Event planning strategy and execution. They can take off the load and stress of organizing an event to only focus on the deliverables from an event.

Selection of Venues for Corporate Events

The SOS Event Planning Team will guide you in finalizing the venues for the corporate event you are planning. The venues for company events will be at competitive pricing without the customer investing time in calling various venues to negotiate rates, checking on availability, having lengthy discussions on seating arrangements at the venue, menu detailing, etc. This entire summary of options including event budget sheets is available to you in the comfort of your office. SOS Event Planning Team can offer a list of Venues for an organized corporate event including hotels, Banquets, convention centers auditoriums

Logistic Planning & Arrangement for Corporate Events

Often the procurement teams are constrained due to their lack of knowledge on how to shortlist a venue for events keeping logistics in mind. SOS Team of professional event managers would help in sharing such detailed information, sharing options with details helping the procurement teams understand the Pros and cons of the venue with their users. This saves the end customer valuable time and thus allows them to focus on other aspects of the event.

Professional Stage Setups for corporate meetings

More often than not the creation of a stage plays an important part in setting the mood for events like sales kick-off meetings, Rewards,s and recognition of employees, Product launches, Annual days, etc. SOS event management Team can share from their large data of holding many such events to give different ideas that may involve stages with LED screens, Platform Stages, Stages with Cut-outs, Stages with Flex backdrops, Stages with Back Projection screens, etc. Each type of stage meets a certain requirement basis the budget, unique event theme, and event purpose, and it would be difficult for one person to give downloads both to individual vendors as also end users. SOS professionally works as a Corporate Event Management company closely with in-house branding and end-user teams to offer budget-based solutions for corporate events.

Types of Corporate Meetings & Conference Seating Setup:

A very important role is played in how delegates in Corporate Meetings are seated and how they would be addressed. Armed with a Plethora of knowledge having arranged many conferences, seminars, Reward functions, corporate exhibitions, and company training workshops, the SOS event planning team can assist in suggesting or helping shortlist the best and most suited seating arrangements after getting a brief from the user team. The different types of seating arrangements for conferences include Theatre seating, Cluster seating, Reception, U shape seating, Lounge seating, Herringbone, Fishbone, Classroom, Auditorium, Hollow square, Boardroom, etc.

Sound and Lightighting in Corporate Events

SOS Travel house has over the years built a trusted chain of partners and vendors supplying professional sound and light setups to Corporate events and meetings. Line array speakers with subwoofers, JBL tops, line monitors, bases, etc, and Various types of sound mixers, Podium Mikes, Lapel mikes, Headset mikes, in-ear monitors, etc. Professional lighting would include Sharpees, Led Parkans, Led baton washers, spotlights, Goal post aluminum tress, professional light controllers, and operators are available across India, including, Delhi, Gurgaon, Mumbai, Goa, Chennai, Bangaluru, Cochin, Noida, Hyderabad, etc.

Entertainment Options for Corporate Events 

No major event is ever complete without an array of entertainment. The idea of adding entertainment to a corporate event is to make the event memorable, eloquent, and engaging. Based on the company event requirement and the needs of the customer, we can offer a range of entertainment options including stand-up comedians, Bollywood Celebrity Dance Troupes, Belly Dancers, Trapeze artists, Laser shows, Cultural dance performers, Rock bands, Sufi Singers, Qawwali Singers and DJ, etc. There are limitless options of entertainment for holding Channel Partner meets, Sales meetings, Annual day celebrations, RNR events, etc. The SOS Event management company team is based in delhi and can provide entertainment artists anywhere in India.

Best Corporate Events Planner in Delhi Gurgaon, NCR, India

Hiring an Event management company can save your costs. When organizing a corporate event the persons responsible for arranging it must wear many hats, and they also have to complete their day-to-day tasks. Since mostly the event organizing team has little knowledge base regarding the technicalities of arranging a meeting, they would mostly depend on the corporate venue to provide them with vendors to manage the other activities. The core competence of corporate teams is mostly limited to good negotiation skills with the venue but in the end, they end up paying higher total costs and sometimes even crossing the budgets due to oversights and lack of experience. By hiring a Professional Event Company in Delhi like SOS Travel House one gets a host of advantages.

  • Knowledge and Expertise in arranging corporate events
  • National Vendor network for arranging events
  • Delivering successful events by providing cost-effective solutions
  • Years of experience help them bring creativity and innovation of ideas to the table
  • Relives the end users from stress and allows Time to be invested more productively
  • Customization and taking ownership as per the needs of the project
  • Experts in problem-solving and adaption to last-minute changes
  • Providing Single window solutions for all requirements for arranging Corporate events

The above summarizes the diverse roles an event organizing agency plays in arranging a corporate event, maintaining the essence of the event and providing cost-effective options to effectively deliver a memorable event. SOS Travel House in Delhi is a professional Event management company that in totality saves you both time, effort, and money hence the professional fees paid are value for money. More and more corporate teams have started to hire professionals even Planners and organizers to give their events a professional feel

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